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Braindead Solutions is more than a creative studio; it is your media garrison.  We offer a host of scalable services and are the ideal engine to support your Web or print production needs, promote your identity, your philosophy or your products effectively. Our priority is to deliver solutions cost effectively.


Braindead Solutions offers tangible, diverse and competitive services in web and print production and project coordination. We have over ten years of marketing experience in conventional and emerging media and we can help you find the services that truly suit your needs.


Braindead Solutions offers services aimed at getting your message & your product out there.

Not what you’re looking for? We would be happy to hear about your project and provide you with a custom solution.  contact us anytime.

  • Update, revitalize and create graphic resources
  • Coordinate research, and negotiation of photographic resources
  • Update, rework and create layout for print publication
  • Coordination of print promotions and publications
  • Timely Web site updates and maintenance
  • Update and optimization of (X/D)HTML and CSS source code
  • Creation, re-design and layout update for Web
  • Web site project coordination
  • Content Management Systems content, code updates and module installation (CMS)
  • Programming support for web applications
  • Syndicated content development, management and translation
  • Macromedia Flash content management and creation
  • Events coordination, project management or assistance
  • Promotional events and happenings coordination
  • Traditional and electronic graphic design


Nook Design– Woodworking
Custom woodworking studio.
Updates, programming, design improvements and hosting administration.
Nook Design web page.


Club Voyage | Club Aventure – Travel
Travel agency
Design and creation and updates.
Club Voyage | Club Aventure web site.


Ferme Boréalis– Agriculture
Higland Beef and Bison Farm
Web site updates and HTML, CSS and JavaScript code updates.
Ferme Boréalis web site.


Sherrill Girard – Visual Arts
Watercolour artist & Photographer
Update HTML code from 1.0 to 4.0 and SHTML and on demand updates of image galeries.
Sherrill Girard
web site.


Marie Josée Décarie – Visual Arts
Artist Photographer
Design and creation and web administration.

Please consult the Archived site.


Tours Chanteclerc inc – Travel Wholesaler

Tour Chanteclerc inc.

Company profile:
Montreal, Quebec Tours Chanteclerc inc. tour operator providing international tour packages for local travel agencies and their customers.

Convert brochure content from PDF to (X)HTML; Maintain and updated the virtual brochures; Improved the site navigation and ergonomics; Enhanced updated promotional material and call to action widgets; Establish and manage documentation guidelines amongst departments to improve site update turnaround; research and propose site design improvements and promote the evolution of sites dynamic functions with the eventual goal of integrating custom Content Management functionalities; Administer and maintain the company’s external hosting assets while working closely to assist the company’s third party business client sites.

Maintain portal web site and code improvements, project coordination and site innovation on contractual and full-time periods.
Please contact us to view an archived version of this site.
Sports Horizon – Sports and Leisure Travel

Sports Horizon

Company profile:
Sports Horizon is a Montreal based travel agency providing access to world class racing and other sporting event packages.

The Sports Horizon web site was a multi-staged project to be implemented as a gateway site for the promotion and sale of national and international sporting events packages.

Braindead Solution was mandated be develop the site progressively first as a micro site promoting individual events and gradually expanding upon its in-house Formula One and NASCAR racing event packages into a custom (AMP) content management web site used for managing and promoting sporting events packages. The products offered on the site combine event access, accommodations, and hospitality and added value services.


Selected sketches

Thematic online travel
Project coordination, site design creation and programming

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Association des Tours Opérateurs du Québec -
Site design, création and programing

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